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How Landscaping and Regular Lawn Care Boosts Your Home’s Value

Landscaping…First Impressions Do Matter

Residential properties that have a nice lawn and pleasing landscaping not only make homeowners proud, see an increase in market value too. This has been proven to be so many times over. Nicely designed and well cared for outdoor spaces yield a sizable return on investment that property owners love — whether you’re looking to sell your home or not.

Unless you are an experienced landscaper, creating and installing your landscaping is best left to those that know what they are doing.  On the other hand, maintaining your home’s lawn and landscaping doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming either. Our team at Shamrock Landscape has many years of lawn maintenance experience to put your mind at rest.  Our crew will take care of your grass and greenery once a week or bi-weekly if preferred.  We’ll make your home’s landscaping stand out so you get to enjoy your weekends doing what you love rather than mowing your lawn.

A lovely garden makes the home look well cared for, inviting, and desirable. Who doesn’t love it when prospective buyers pull into the driveway and immediately assign the property a higher value. Who doesn’t love getting complimented by visitors about the lovely garden? Just like a fresh coat of paint, landscaping and a well-maintained lawn create a strong first impression.

Tips for Landscaping Improvements and Lawn Care

To improve your outdoor environment, we recommend taking these 6 steps:

1. Evaluate what you already have

Before you pull out every plant and to make changes to your outdoor spaces, consider what you already have to work with.

  • Are there areas that you love and want to maintain?
  • Are there areas that just never took and look neglected?
  • Are your shrubs and trees looking healthy or deceased?
  • Are there flower beds that can’t be seen from the curb?
  • Are there trees and shrubs in need of trimming?
  • Is the lawn uneven and in need of reseeding in some areas?
  • Is overgrown vegetation making it hard to navigate from the street to your front door?
  • Could your outdoor lighting be improved?

You may want to recruit the help of a professional landscaper that can determine the health of your shrubs and trees and recommend plants that are known to thrive in your area.

2. Decide on the landscape favor you want.

What garden style appeals to you? An English garden, a Japanese garden, a desert-like garden, a tropical garden? Then consider: Does the garden-style fit the style of your house? Most gardeners we know, randomly buy more plants in the spring because they look great at the nursery. But they may not fit the existing plant life or the direction you want to go. Having a visual design plan that you can follow will allow you to make better plant choices and yield the desired outcome for your outdoor spaces. Not having an overall design plan will result in adding elements that don’t match well and won’t give you the most value for your efforts.


  • Consider making an investment upfront by bringing in a landscape designer to plan out the look you want.
  • Browse Pinterest and gardening magazines for inspiration, ideas, and the latest trends.
  • Visit your local plant nursery and ask their employees for advice.

3. Nurture your lawn and keep it lush.

No garden looks at its best without a beautiful lawn.

  • Mow the lawn regularly. Freshly trimmed grass always looks attractive.
  • Edge the lawn when you mow for that groomed look.
  • Fertilize grass and plant seed or add sod in bare areas to ensure the lawn is filled in nicely.
  • Aerate to promote better health
  • Trim trees and bushes regularly so they look manicured and don’t shade-out lawn areas.
  • Rake leaves and bag them promptly for disposal.

4. Invest in mature plants.

Mature plants boost curb appeal, provide rich colors, full leaves, and ideal heights for making your home’s architectural features stand out.  Investing in more mature plants is also important if you plan to put your home on the market within the foreseeable future.  Mature plants make your garden look more established, well taken care of, and will court potential homebuyers.

5. Set your budget.

In addition to the purchase of plants, naturally, when you’re installing new landscaping features such as walkways, pergolas, hardscape, and outdoor lighting, there’s an initial investment to consider. A professional landscaper can help you choose a design that fits both your desired aesthetic and budget.

In addition, factor in the monthly cost of a regular, reliable lawn and landscaping maintenance — so you can keep your outdoor spaces looking attractive long after the greenery and hardscaping are first installed.

We hope these tips are helping to get you closer to the outdoor space you desire. Shamrock Landscape Co is ready to assist you with your weekly lawn mowing chore to keep your lawn lush and beautiful. Just give us a call when you are ready.

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