tips to keep your plants safe this winter

How to Keep Your Plants Cozy this Winter

Winter is Coming. Do You Know How to Keep Your Plants Cozy?

The temperatures here in the San Francisco Bay area have finally turned cooler. And although generally speaking we do not have to deal much with frost conditions, you might be wondering how to keep your plants cozy this winter.¬† If you have selected plants that are zoned for our climate zone there is not much that will need to be done to keep them safe and happy throughout the winter. However, if you have tropical plants in your garden you will need to take some proactive steps to keep them warm and cozy. But if you’re looking for your shrubs to thrive and not just survive the cold weather, here are 5 simple tips for you!

My Tips to Keep Your Plants Cozy this Winter

1. Mulch

Apply a 2-3 inch layer of shredded bark mulch around the roots of your plant. This helps your plant’s root system stay warm by providing insulation, and it also helps maintain adequate moisture levels.

2. Pay Attention to the Weather Forecasts

If you are like me that also has some more sensitive plants in your garden it pays to pay attention to the weather forecast so you can protect your plants or bring them indoors on the nights freezing temperatures are predicted.  Doing this has saved my Hibiscus every year.

3. Don’t Stop to Water

Especially now that we have not seen much rain. Don’t let your plants get thirsty and give them adequate water before they “go to bed” for the winter. Be sure you continue to water until the rainy season sets in, as late as it may be.

4. Stop Pruning

Shrub pruning is best left for spring with the exception of roses which you can prune in January. Protect the lowest buds on your plant by keeping your plant intact this season. If you wait until the spring the plant will tip you off where to prune based on the new buds that have emerged.

5. Protect from Pests

Deer and rabbits love using your plants as an easy snack. You can protect them by applying a liquid repellent or by creating a physical barrier such as deer netting, wire mesh (chicken wire), or burlap. Liquid repellents will need to be applied multiple times throughout the season to keep them effective.

6. Cover them

protect plants from the cold temperatures

Pay attention to the weather reports and if cold temperatures are forecast consider protecting them with what you have handy during the night. This will help the plants to survive and spare you from having to replace them. It is always a good idea to purchase plants that are suited for the climate zone of your residence.




I hope that you found these 6 tips on how to keep your plants cozy this winter helpful and preventive from losing any plants this winter.  If you are looking for more gardening tips you can go here. If you are looking for help with your lawn mowing chores in Benicia, Vallejo, or American Canyon please contact us.

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