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What to do in your garden in December


• Now is a good time to buy early-flowering camellias – Sasanqua and japonica varieties as well as bare root roses, and bare root fruit trees as well.
• As the temperatures begin to drop, you might be concerned about plants being damaged by the frost. For best protection, you can apply Cloud Cover to give your plants an additional 3-5 degrees of hardiness. You can also keep your eyes on the local weather report and cover your plants with frost cloths or frost bags which can be left on your plants without causing damage. You can find frost bags and cloth in various sizes in many nurseries or online.


• Take Root cuttings of woody shrubs and evergreens, such as azaleas, holly, and hydrangea, at this time of year. Click here for a step-by-step tutorial on how to propagate with root cuttings.
• Take hardwood cuttings from deciduous trees and shrubs. Dip cut stems in rooting hormone powder, and plant in equal parts sand and vermiculite. Keep moist.
• Bare-root planting season begins late this month. Look for cane berries, grapes, roses, fruit trees and roots of perennials such as artichokes, asparagus, rhubarb, astilbe, and peonies


• Remember to fertilize your fruit trees again with Master Bloom and F.S.T.
• Protect your plants from frost as needed.
• Continue fall cleanup begun last month. Keep after weeds and keep lawns free of fallen leaves and other debris.
• Cut back chrysanthemums to about 6 inches. Remove dead leaves and stems from dormant perennials.
• Start pruning dormant fruit trees and shrubs.
• Start pruning roses (although this can be deferred until January).
• Mulch azaleas, rhododendrons, camellias. They prefer acidic materials, such as oak leaves and pine needles, but any mixed, dry leaves will do if oak and pine are not available.
• Place your stored bulbs in a container with potting medium, peat moss, or sawdust if you see them start to shrivel. This means that they are too dry and this will stop the loss of water.
• Clean and sharpen your gardening tools as needed.

Happy Gardening in this Holiday Season

From all of us at Shamrock Landscape!

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