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Commercial Landscaping Maintenance Helps Attract Shoppers

Shopping Centers: Create a Great First Impression with Landscaping!

No doubt, commercial landscaping maintenance helps attract shoppers. Shopping Centers need to attract a constant flow of customers and entice them to stay as long as possible. This is especially true in this day and age where so many shop online. One way to accomplish this is to create attractive landscaping to draw in customers and perform regular commercial landscape maintenance.   Depending on the space available the landscape design could include lush lawns with flower beds, shrubs, and trees. From there, one could add comfortable seating, fountains to provide an element of interest and ambiance. Hardscaping is also an important part of making a great first impression with the retail landscaping design. But it should also include proper lighting for a feeling of safety.

The first impression of the retail center can directly impact what kind of stores the center will attract and what kind of experience the shopper will have with the retailers located at that shopping center. Creating an “upscale look” through your landscape can have a huge impact. Additionally, studies show that attractive landscaping can improve productivity, enhance the natural environment, increase property values, and improve safety and security.

Not only should an attractive landscape be visually pleasing but it should also be easy to maintain and be in consideration of current conditions such as water shortages. That is why many California centers now opt for the use of hardscapes coupled with drought-resistant plants. But the creation is just the beginning, proper maintenance is crucial to the long-term success and ROI of the initial investment.

The Importance of Regular Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Unfortunately, in these Covid19 troubled times, there are many retail centers and businesses that are not maintaining their landscaping, canceling their maintenance contracts. That is unfortunate because once the shelter in place orders are lifted shoppers will return in droves and be turned off by weeds and other ugliness.  A better solution would be to reduce landscape maintenance to a lesser frequent level for the time being rather than stopping it altogether.  It is always far easier to maintain than having to start from scratch.

Landscaping and lawn maintenance for retail shopping centers and other types of commercial properties is one of our specialties at Shamrock Landscape. We understand how to provide a design and maintenance service that addresses daily traffic and “wear and tear.”

We take care of some of East Bay shopping centers and property management companies that manage these retail locations. We’re honored to be part of keeping business centers beautiful and would like to help your retail shopping center do the same! Contact us today to learn more about working with our commercial landscape design and maintenance company.

Shamrock Landscape provides commercial landscape design and maintenance services from Walnut Creek to Fairfield and anywhere in between.  Our services include commercial landscape design, including plants, hardscape, irrigation, lighting and more, as well as maintenance for lawns and landscape areas for a wide range of businesses.


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