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Is Your Commercial Yard Maintenance Giving You a Headache?

Commercial yard maintenance can be a big headache. With Shamrock Landscape Co you need not do a thing! Our experienced crew will keep your landscape in great shape. We take great care and pride in the commercial yards we work on, and we have done so since 1977.

Our comprehensive landscape maintenance services are designed to take care of every detail to keep your commercial yard looking great all year round.


lawn edging by Shamrock Landscape Co, Benicia, CA We use various industrial-grade edgers to work on areas such as walkways, sidewalks, driveways, retaining walls, parking lots, curbing, and hardscapes. The flower bed edge is also kept neat to prevent grass encroachment. During the growing season, we do this at every visit and in the dormant season as needed. Crisp lines make all the difference and give the landscape that well-cared-for appearance.



Our mowing crew treats your lawn areas with great care. We give you the choice of mowing weekly or bi-weekly.  Our recommendation is that you have us mow weekly from April to November and maybe bi-weekly in the winter month.

We adjust our mower blades to the appropriate height to protect the grassroots, depending on the type of grass in your landscape and the season. Our mower blades are kept sharp at all times. In addition, we also rotate our mowing patterns to prevent soil compaction, scalping, and rutting in areas where this could occur.  In properties with ponds and lakes, lawns will be mowed to the water’s edge.

Pruning and Trimming

Our goal is to maintain the health and vigor of all of your trees, shrubs, hedges, and flower beds. We will prune, trim, and hedge as needed to maintain their health and vigor. For that well-groomed look, we trim hedges to their appropriate height, following the growth patterns to provide for the health and longevity of the plant.

Large shrubs and small trees that are up to 10 feet in height will be selectively thinned out once a year to remove dead wood and foliage, as well as interfering branch cross-over. Our team will remove low-hanging limbs and suckers from the trunk or base from trees to maintain fire safety.

Trees that are larger than 10 feet and limbs that are thicker than 1 ½ inch in diameter will be trimmed and/or removed on a cost-plus basis. In addition, there is a cost-plus fee applied to trees that need canopy treatment or thinning. Our crew will collect all trimmings and clippings and remove them from the property.


Grass clippings, leaves, and other debris are always removed before and after yard maintenance.  Additional clean-ups needed due to any unusual acts of nature such as high winds will be done at an additional charge.

Lawn Care 

Our lawn specialists will design a lawn fertilization and an integrated pest management plan that has been proven to do well in Benicia, as well as in the and surrounding areas. This usually will be in the form of a commercial-grade, custom-blend fertilizer with a nutrient booster. Included in each application is also is a complete minor and trace element package to cover all the bases for a healthy lawn.

When it comes to weed control we understand that some grasses do not respond well to weed-controlling herbicides. We will utilize the herbicides that we can in your yard, but not every weed can successfully be removed. Weeds in your lawn that cannot be eliminated by herbicide will be removed by hand to stop them from reseeding or spreading.

In addition, we also have plans available for total moss, grub, and bug removal six times per year.

Seasonal Planting and Mulching

Shamrock Landscape Co is available to do seasonal flower bed plantings where we will choose plant materials best suited for each season.  This will give your commercial landscape a colorful facelift year-round.

Why Not Choose the Best Commercial Yard Maintenance Company in Benicia, Vallejo, and American Canyon?

Whether your commercial landscape has grown vigorously for years, gone wild during the stay-home orders, or just needs regular maintenance, the Shamrock Landscape Co team has a plan and is ready to take your commercial yard to the next level.

Our friendly, efficient staff knows what it takes to keep a Bay Area Lawn in the best shape. We can spot potential problems that lawns may develop and will work with you on your lawn care plan.

We service commercial yards and lawns of all sizes. Each crew has an English-speaking person to eliminate miscommunications. Whether you own or manage an apartment complex, a strip mall, or have acreage, we can take total care of your yard. Why not let us make sure your landscaping looks amazing at all times. Just give us a call for an on-site walkthrough and estimate.


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